Services for Houses and Villas

For more than 20 years, Revival has been dedicated to projects in the design and fabrication of interiors and exteriors for motorboats and yachts in the pleasure cruising industry. We invite you to take a look at our services that show our skills in upholstery and decoration.

We´ll work with you as closely as you like, every step of the way, so you´ll always know your project is on course to be completed just how you imagined. We see our role as understanding what you´re looking for, establishing that it can be done and then realizing your vision as elegantly, practically and cost effectively as possible.


From our wide range of fabrics and styles for furniture, we are dedicated to the fabrication, repair, maintenance and rebuilding of your home´s interior or exterior.

Covers and Awnings

Covers and awnings are fabricated from specific materials to protect your furniture from sun and humidity. We offer sunshades, awnings, winterization covers and umbrellas.


We fit carpets and rugs made to measure ensuring the highest quality comfort and style for your home. This includes wall to wall carpeting, staircases and specialized rugs.

Decoration Accesories

We use the latest materials to create made-to-measure interiors, taking care of every detail from curtains to blinds, bed linen and cushions, personalized towels and much more...


We carry out projects for homes taking into account color, illumination, position and taste to create a personalized space for our client that is comfortable and cost effective.

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